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Live Music provides exciting, upscale, live musical entertainment for wedding receptions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and other private functions, serving the New York tri-state area and beyond.

Music Services provides a variety of music services for a wide clientele. Some of our music services include: 

  • Music transcription – we transcribe sheet music of original compositions or ceremony requests
  • Custom musical arrangements – elevate your ceremony with custom arrangements for string quartet or band
  • Backing tracks for singers and choirs
  • Scoring for film/video – Binyomin produced, arranged, and performed the Chasidic wedding music for the Emmy-winning Netflix series Unorthodox

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Purim Sameach production, Purim Sameach gathers together Purim tunes from around the world, from Chassidic nigunim to traditional Israeli songs, and from Klezmer melodies to contemporary Jewish folk rock.


Have No Fear

From melancholy midnight meditations to funky/punky affirmations of the One, the Breslov Bar Band’s debut album explores musical expressions of the Breslov Chassidim from the traditional to the contemporary.


Happy Hour

Breslov Chassidim place strong emphasis on living joyfully, an approach rooted in the teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov,who famously taught: “Mitzvah gedola lihyos besimcha tamid – it is a great mitzvah to be constantly joyful!”

The Music of Mitsve Tants

Rooted in mysticism and laden with symbolism, the Mitsve Tants is a unique dance ritual performed at the end of a Hasidic wedding. The songs in this collection reflect a comprehensive overview of the musical repertoire as sung in the courts of the Hasidic Rebbes, selected through personal experience attending and performing at Mitsve Tantsn, supplemented by hundreds of hours of archival footage.


Bandleader Binyomin Ginzberg has more than 15 years of experience playing private parties, organizational functions, and concerts. His experience can help guide you in selecting the perfect entertainment for your event. Binyomin and are happy to work with your party planner, caterer, or hotel representative to help achieve the unique affair you want.



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